Contributors To Asphalt Pavement Deterioration

Asphalt pavement is a cost-effective, durable and attractive option for parking lots, driveways, sports courts and roadways. When asphalt pavement deteriorates prematurely, it is usually the result of inadequate maintenance although improper installation or faulty engineering can also be contributors.

Inadequate Maintenance

Natural forces, such as UV radiation, and manmade hazards, such as automotive fluids, can damage your asphalt pavement.

• Sealcoating can screen out the UV rays that can age your pavement prematurely, just as sunscreens help protect your skin from premature aging.
• Sealcoating also slows the rate at which automotive fluids can reach — and damage — the binders holding your pavement together.

However, when it comes to inadequate maintenance, the leading cause is allowing cracks and potholes to go without repair. Breaks in the pavement allow water to reach the foundation that gives pavement its needed support. The movement of the water destabilizes the foundation, and the freeze/thaw cycle only makes the problem worse.

Installation/Engineering Errors

There are many factors that must be considered when an asphalt contractors plans for installation.  For example, the thickness of the asphalt layers must be sufficient to accommodate the volume and the weight of the traffic. If these calculations are incorrect, or if the usage of the pavement is changed after installation, the pavement will deteriorate at a much faster rate. Other factors that must be considered include drainage, runoff from surrounding properties and the depth and type of foundation.

When installing asphalt pavement, contractors must make sure that the foundation is properly compacted so that it can provide the stability that asphalt pavement needs. The asphalt itself must be at the “Goldilocks” temperature — neither too hot nor too cold — when it is applied. The formula for the mix must be “just right” as well. Miscalculations during the installation process can lead to pavement failure, sometimes within the pavement’s first year or two of life.

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