Though asphalt is a very durable type of pavement, time and the elements can cause all kinds of damage to your parking lot from cracks to deep potholes. That’s when you need permanent parking lot repair services from the most reputable asphalt paving company in your area.

In Kansas City MO, All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance is this paving company. We have decades of experience with all aspects of parking lot paving, so we can tackle even the worst asphalt damage with the most cost-effective and advanced asphalt repair services in the industry.

Quality Parking Lot Repair Services in Kansas City and Beyond

  • Asphalt Crack Repair

    The cycle of temperature and weather can cause cracks in asphalt pavement, and they need to be fixed before they get worse and cause more damage. Our crack filling services involve cleaning out cracks, and then using quality asphalt binders to fill them in, creating a smooth surface.

  • Sealcoating

    For surface damage like shallow cracks or flaking asphalt, the best parking lot repair process is an asphalt sealcoat. We use only the highest quality pavement sealants and apply them evenly to repair the entire parking lot surface.

  • Parking Lot Striping

    The best way to revamp your asphalt parking lot is to get fresh, bright parking lines and pavement symbols. With an asphalt sealcoating and new traffic paint, any parking lot can get a new life.

  • Concrete Repairs

    Asphalt isn’t the only type of pavement in a parking lot, and our licensed professional contractors can help repair or replace concrete walkways, curbs, bollards, and more.

All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance: Parking Lot Repair Experts in Kansas City MO

Missouri property owners can trust the All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance crew with your pavement because we have years of experience, the most advanced asphalt technologies, and fully trained paving contractors. We’ll work within your budget to repair your asphalt parking lot and get your commercial pavement back to full function before you know it!

Contact us right away to learn about our parking lot repair services in the greater Kansas City area, including Harrisonville MO, Independence MO, Lee’s Summit MO, Lenexa KS, Olathe KS, and Overland Park KS.

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