Asphalt Crack Repair

Expert Asphalt Crack Repair in Kansas City and Beyond

Asphalt cracks are most often the result of how temperature fluctuations and the weather cycle affect asphalt. As the temperature cools, asphalt contracts, and as the temperature rises it expands. As asphalt ages, the liquid binder that holds pavement together loses its flexibility and natural ability to change with the weather. When this occurs asphalt begins to crack and will eventually destroy the pavement. It is critical you stop asphalt cracks that will put your pavement in total disrepair.  All Pro Asphalt are the Kansas City Crack Repair experts.

Once asphalt cracks begin to form on the asphalt surface, water begins to penetrate into the structure and down into the base layers beneath the asphalt. By filling and sealing these asphalt cracks you can greatly extend the life of your asphalt pavement. In fact, asphalt crack repair is the most cost effective and simplest asphalt maintenance technique for extending its life.

At All Pro Asphalt we have one goal: to put down a great product with outstanding workmanship. We offer a full range of services to aid you in conquering any of your pavement maintenance needs. By selecting All Pro Asphalt as your pavement maintenance expert, you not only get the industry’s leading products, you get a professional contractor dedicated to excellence and their customer’s satisfaction. In an industry where sub par materials allow contractors to undercut the competition, we pride ourselves on applying superior maintenance products properly to achieve the maximum performance for our customers.

If you see asphalt cracks in your parking lot or driveway, call All Pro Asphalt before it’s too late. We are experts in identifying asphalt defects and their causes. Call 816-694-9204 or fill out the Free Job Quote form for a free estimate from All Pro Asphalt, the Kansas City asphalt crack repair experts.


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