Protect Your Parking Lot from the Sun – Call the Kansas City Asphalt Sealing Pros.

Summers in Kansas City can get blistering hot! Because of that, we spend a lot of time and effort dodging the effects of the sun. We pump up the AC to stay cool, wear hats and sun protection to protect our skin, and drink plenty of water. We do this because the sun can have very damaging effects on our bodies, from sunburn to dehydration and more.

The sun can also have very damaging effects on an asphalt parking lot. Just like we put protective layers over our bodies, we protect pavement through asphalt sealing. By asphalt sealing, we protect it from the sun’s harsh UV rays that dry out the pavement and cause it to lose its flexibility and become brittle.

All Pro Asphalt offers premium asphalt sealing in Kansas City, MO and the surrounding areas to help extend the life of asphalt parking lots and the investments property owners have made.

The All Pro asphalt sealing team are experienced professionals at helping businesses maximize the service life of their asphalt pavement. When an asphalt maintenance program is put into place early in the pavement’s life, and conducted on a regular basis, pavement life can even be doubled.

How does asphalt sealing work?

When you call on All Pro to perform asphalt sealing on your property, there are a series of steps we perform to ensure the best possible seal on your pavement. The typical sealcoating process would include:

  • Communicating with you to find out the best time to perform the work
  • Close the parking lot with barricades to keep all traffic out
  • Clean the parking lot thoroughly using blowers, brushes, power washers and/or solvents to ensure a clean surface to which the sealer can bind
  • Apply the first coat of sealer
  • After the first coat dries we typically apply a second coat
  • Once the parking lot dries it is ready for the final pavement markings
  • Open the parking lot

Protect your asphalt parking lot from the damaging effects of the sun. If left unsealed over time it will dry out, become brittle, and begin cracking. Once water begins to penetrate the surface and into the base layers asphalt repairs become very extensive and costly.

Keep your asphalt investment sound. Call on All Pro for your Kansas City asphalt sealing needs. Call us at 816-694-9204 or fill out the Free Job Quote form for fast, friendly, service.

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