Before Winter Comes, Make Sure You Review Your Parking Lot Maintenance Plan! Here Is Why!

Asphalt parking lots are both durable and beautiful, but making sure that your lot remains attractive and lasts as it should requires performing periodic maintenance on it. The better you care for your parking lot, the less it will cost you in the long run. Here are some maintenance tips to help you reap the greatest benefits from your asphalt pavement.

• Have sealcoating professionally applied soon after your new pavement is installed, then have it reapplied at the intervals recommended by your contractor. A parking lot that bears very little traffic may not need fresh sealcoating for three or four years, while one that receives a high volume of traffic may need an annual reapplication. Sealcoating helps restore the appearance of faded asphalt, but it also screens out harmful radiation from the sun that can age asphalt prematurely. It is also an extra layer of protection against damages caused by standing water and automotive fluids.
• Establish a regular cleaning schedule for your parking lot. Sweep away debris that could conceal moisture and clean up oil leaks and other chemical spills. Moisture that is allowed to remain next to your pavement could potentially find a crack in the pavement and damage the foundation. Automotive fluids can destroy your sealcoating and reach your pavement, advancing its deterioration.
• Inspect your parking lot often and have any cracks or other damages repaired. The longer potholes or cracks are ignored, the more extensive the damage can become — and the more costly to repair.
• Make sure that your parking lot has adequate drainage. Keep drains and basins free of leaves or other debris to prevent back-ups. If you notice depressed areas in your pavement in which puddles form, contact your contractor to have the issue fixed.
• Have new paint applied when it is needed. Parking space lines, traffic arrows, crosswalks, handicapped space markings and other pavement markings help guide drivers and make your environment safer. In addition, fresh paint just makes your lot more attractive.

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