Before Winter Hits…Let’s Talks about Potholes and Asphalt Cracks

Autumn can be a busy time for many people. Once the leaves turn and cooler temperatures arrive, they start preparing for winter. Homeowners may install new weather stripping around doors or windows. Automotive supply stores often increase their inventory of car batteries, windshield deicer and antifreeze. Retailers lay in a supply of sand or rock salt to help keep their areas safer for their customers. Utility companies check for low-hanging branches that could take down lines in the event of an ice storm.

In addition, people are often distracted by planning for the upcoming holidays. There may be family get-togethers to plan for Thanksgiving or travel arrangements to make, but at the same time, chores may have increased. The lawn mower may go into storage, but the rake may need to come out. Gutters may need to be cleaned or repaired. Chimneys may require cleaning to get the fireplace ready for the upcoming early, cold nights.

Amid all the activity, it is understandable that the condition of your asphalt pavement could be overlooked. However, you could be making a costly mistake if you do not make sure that your pavement is ready for cold weather.

• Cold weather makes existing asphalt cracks worse, resulting in more costly repairs later. In the Kansas City area, extended freezes are rare; instead, there are several freeze/thaw cycles in an average winter, and your pavement will suffer from each cycle.
• Leaving potholes or asphalt cracks unrepaired over the winter increases the chances that water infiltration will occur. One of the fastest ways to destroy asphalt pavement is to allow water to erode the foundation supporting it. Foundation repair requires removing the damaged asphalt pavement and then installing new pavement.
• The combination of water and freezing temperatures can make your pavement less safe. Potholes filled with ice pose a skidding hazard for drivers and a slipping hazard for pedestrians.

If you need help getting your asphalt pavement ready for winter, contact the experts at All Pro Asphalt. We can repair cracks and potholes, do asphalt repair, or provide any other asphalt paving or maintenance service. Our goal is to provide customers throughout the greater Kansas City area with quality workmanship at competitive rates. Use our online form to request your free estimate, or give us a call at 816-249-6800.

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