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In Blue Springs MO, All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance is the most trusted asphalt & concrete paving company because of our dedication to working with integrity, how much we value our Kansas City area customers, and our focus on sourcing and utilizing the best products in our work. Our experience paving contractors have worked closely with both Missouri commercial property owners and residential homeowners to better their properties with quality asphalt & concrete paving, maintenance, and repair.

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Why Choose All Pro Asphalt
At All Pro Asphalt we have one goal: to put down a great product with outstanding workmanship. We offer a full range of services to aid you in conquering any of your pavement maintenance needs. By selecting All Pro Asphalt as your pavement maintenance expert, you not only get the industry’s leading products, you get a professional contractor dedicated to excellence and their customer’s satisfaction.
  • We work with local supply companies closely to ensure we source the best asphalt products to achieve maximum performance from our top of the line equipment.
  • All of our trained paving contractors are kept up to date with the necessary insurance and permits required by municipal and state laws.
  • As we strive to provide the best in customer service and the best outcomes for our clients, we offer a guaranteed satisfaction warranty for all paving work we provide.

Enjoy Blue Springs MO

A city in Jackson County MO, Blue Springs is 19 miles east of downtown Kansas City and had a population of 58,604 as of the 2020 census. The city’s history is tied to the migration of settlers westward who found the area to be an ideal stopover due to the cool, clean water from a spring of the Little Blue River, giving the place its name. The presence of water led to a grist mill being built and permanent settlement being established.

Modern Blue Springs is known for its natural places and natural shops. Burr Oak Woods Conservation Area has one of the greatest gatherings of oak trees west of the Mississippi River, multiple acres of beautiful preserved environment for hiking and enjoying the day being for the whole family. Lake remembrance has multiple hiking trails and bodies of water, a place ripe with fishing and boating. Multiple gift shops that specialize in arts, crafts, and handmade goods are sprinkled throughout the entirety of the city. If you’re into natural environments, Blue Springs is the place for you!

In Blue Springs MO: When is pavement too old for an overlay?

If your pavement is too damaged for simple asphalt repair services like sealcoating or crack filling, the asphalt overlay services can give your pavement new life. Sometimes, sadly your asphalt is too old for an overlay to be effective, either. Your local paving company can help you find the right repair services to bring your pavement back to full function.

In Blue Springs MO, All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance is the trusted paving service that can tackle even the worst pavement damage, repairing it with state of the art repair techniques including asphalt overlay.

How does asphalt overlay work?

First, it’s important to understand what overlay is and what it is not. To perform an asphalt overlay, paving professionals lay new asphalt over existing pavement. That’s it. Minor repairs like crack filling are usually performed beforehand, and sometimes a petromat is put down to protect existing pavement, but damaged pavement isn’t removed. An asphalt overlay service isn’t the same as asphalt replacement, which is an important distinction to make.

When is pavement to old for an overlay?

Most asphalt pavement lasts between 10 and 20 years, spending on the amount of traffic it gets, how well it’s maintained and installed, as well as other factors. Therefore, asphalt over 20 years old is automatically too old for an overlay, but overlays can also be ineffective on younger pavement that has issues with the base layer or has been repeatedly repaired.

What happens when an overlay won’t work?

If an overlay won’t be enough to permanently repair your asphalt pavement, options include asphalt patching, if the damaged area is small, or full pavement removal and replacement if the issues are deeper.

All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance, Blue Springs MO’s Best Pavement Repair Contractors

At All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance, we care about our local property owners, and we are proud to improve pavement using whatever method will work best, whether that’s an asphalt overlay, a sealcoating, or full depth pavement replacement.

Need to breathe new life into your asphalt pavement? Call All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance to get a pavement inspection and see whether asphalt overlay is right for you!

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