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Over the years, All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance has established itself as Harrisonville MO’s most reputable paving company through always working with integrity and keeping focus on exceptional workmanship on every paving job, whether that’s commercial parking lot installation or residential driveway repair. We can meet all your pavement needs and exceed your expectations.

Best Paving Service in Harrisonville MO

Why Choose All Pro Asphalt
At All Pro Asphalt we have one goal: to put down a great product with outstanding workmanship. We offer a full range of services to aid you in conquering any of your pavement maintenance needs. By selecting All Pro Asphalt as your pavement maintenance expert, you not only get the industry’s leading products, you get a professional contractor dedicated to excellence and their customer’s satisfaction.
  • Not only do our founders have decades of experience with the paving industry, we are continually learning and growing in order to bring our customers the latest paving processes.
  • We make sure to carry all necessary insurances as required by law in order to protect our employees and our customers.
  • Not all local paving companies have the same level of dedication to quality that we do, and we encourage you to check out our competition to see the All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance difference!

Enjoy Historic Harrisonville MO

Located only a few miles from Kansas City in Cass County Missouri, Harrisonville is a town with just over ten thousand people as of the 2020 US Census. The town, founded in 1837, was named for the Missouri Congressman who helped get the land grant for the community, Albert G Harrison. The community suffered during the US Civil War, a history that’s celebrated by the Robert A Brown House. There is also a large historic district in downtown surrounding the Harrisonville Courthouse. The downtown square is a great space to spend the afternoon.

There are plenty of beautiful areas around Harrisonville MO to explore, including Lake Luna, located in City Park. Visitors can take the Omega Hiking Trails through the park or enjoy all kinds of water activities on the lake. Golf enthusiasts will enjoy a trip to Harrisonville Golf Club. There’s also the Red Barn Ranch, a fun farm experience for the whole family. The nearby Peculiar Lake also has a winery and a park, so everybody from adults to kids can have a good time! When visiting the Kansas City MO area, Harrisonville makes for a great stop!

Pavement Repair Options in Harrisonville MO

Got potholes, cracks, or asphalt raveling? You need a local paving company with the latest pavement repair services.

All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance, Harrisonville MO’s Pavement Repair Experts

Not only do the professional paving contractors at All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance continually learn new asphalt repair methods, we only use the highest quality paving products to ensure exceptional results.

So You’ve Got Damaged Pavement… What Are Your Pavement Repair Options?

A quality asphalt paving company will always choose the pavement repair services that provide the most results for the least amount of money. Here’s how different types of repairs address certain common damage types.

Asphalt Repair Options for Cracks & Surface Damage

Pavement cracks develop when oxidation, UV rays, and weather weaken pavement, leaving it open to water penetration. When that water freezes, it physically pushes the asphalt apart, causing cracks and surface damage.

  • Crack filling services fill in pavement cracks with asphalt products to seal the broken pavement back together.
  • Slurry sealing is a method of providing a new surface layer of thin asphalt over the top of a damaged surface layer. Sealcoating is a thinner sealant that also protects asphalt.

Severely Damaged Pavement Repair

Sometimes damage goes deep into the pavement layers so that more serious repairs need to be performed, but your local paving company has the right methods to address serious pavement damage like potholes and buckling.

  • Asphalt patching services address damage like potholes by cutting away that part of the pavement, removing all the asphalt, and replacing it with brand new asphalt that gets compacted to match the rest of the pavement.
  • Asphalt milling and resurfacing services remove the entire top layer of asphalt so it can be replaced with a fresh layer.

Choose Kansas City’s Trusted Paving Company, All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance

All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance, Harrisonville MO’s trusted paving company, offers the most technologically advanced pavement repair options for our local property owners. Contact us today for a free pavement inspection!

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