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All About Pavement Maintenance Services in Raytown MO

Property owners with an asphalt parking lot or driveway want to know how to keep their pavement in good repair for years, so they need to know when and how often to get pavement maintenance services.

In Raytown MO, All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance is the trusted paving company for pavement maintenance, so much so that it’s right in our name! As the local asphalt experts, we have all the most cost effective methods to keep your commercial parking lot or driveway looking good for years.

Pavement Maintenance Questions Answered by All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance

What’s the point of asphalt maintenance?

Asphalt is durable but not perfect. Wear and tear will break it down over time, leading to potholes and cracks, and the only way to combat that is with pavement maintenance services that focus on restoring and protecting asphalt from ongoing damage.

What are some pavement maintenance options?

  • Crack filling takes care of small surface cracks in your asphalt before they grow and worsen.
  • Asphalt sealcoating restores flexibility to pavement while adding a protective coating that reduces oxidation, water penetration, and UV ray damage.
  • Line striping and curb painting refreshes important pavement symbols that keep visitors safe.
  • The regular pavement inspections that occur with asphalt maintenance services ensure that professionals will be able to see any developing damage.

How often do I need to get asphalt maintenance?

Asphalt contractors should inspect busy commercial pavement every six months and perform a sealcoating at least once a year. Residential driveways can wait a little longer between maintenance services, though getting a sealcoating once every couple years is recommended.

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