Differences Between Sealcoat and Overlay in Independence MO

Slurry sealing, asphalt patching, sealcoating, and overlay… there are so many asphalt repair services that it’s hard for laymen to understand what’s best for your pavement. Irresponsible asphalt paving companies can pressure clients to get expensive pavement repairs, but the most reputable paving company in your area will work closely to perform only the right repairs for your pavement.

All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance is the Independence MO area’s most experienced and knowledgeable paving company, and we offer our clients only the most technologically advanced pavement repair services. We also work hard to tailor our processes to your situation in order to save you money!

Differences Between Sealcoat and Overlay

All About Asphalt Sealcoating

An asphalt sealcoat is a thin layer of liquid petroleum and plastic products, mixed with some kind of fine aggregate for traction. Sealcoating is more of a preventative pavement maintenance service. It is useful for:

  • Asphalt with only minor surface deterioration
  • Pavement that has already undergone crack filling
  • Younger asphalt (under 10 years)
  • Preparation for parking lot striping

Understanding Asphalt Overlay Services

An overlay is a much thicker asphalt formulation that’s meant to completely cover damaged asphalt and provide a brand new surface layer and more structural strength. An asphalt overlay is a useful service for:

  • Older pavement with more severe cracks
  • Higher traffic areas
  • Improperly graded pavement
  • Asphalt that’s undergone pothole repairs or other repairs

All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance, Independence MO’s Asphalt Repair Experts

Asphalt maintenance is right in our name! So we have the right pavement repair processes to tackle minor or severe pavement damage. Whether you need a sealcoating or an asphalt overlay, the paving professionals at All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance are here to help.

Don’t let pavement damage get worse! Contact us right away!

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