Have You Seen Your Asphalt Paving Lot

When customers first consult a contractor about having an asphalt parking lot installed, they usually ask how long the lot should last. Contractors evaluate the variables involved, such as the use to which the lot will be subjected and local weather conditions, to arrive at an estimated life. When relaying this number to the customer, virtually every contractor will include the phrase, “with the right maintenance.” Without the right maintenance, an asphalt parking lot can deteriorate much more quickly; however, not all issues are caused by a lack of maintenance. If you find that your parking lot is in shocking condition, or if you are just installing a new asphalt parking lot, the following can help you be proactive about protecting your investment.

Sealcoating On Your Asphalt Paving Lot

Although it is true that asphalt sealcoating can restore asphalt pavement to a lustrous, dark tone by blocking harmful solar radiation, it is also an important protective agent. UV rays dry out asphalt, and dry asphalt is more easily damaged. Sealcoating also helps protect against automotive fluids, which can deteriorate your pavement as well as stain it.

Crack repair is an economical, effective way to prolong the life of asphalt pavement.

Beneath your asphalt paving lot lies compacted foundation material that allows the pavement to support traffic without breaking. Open cracks let water dribble under the pavement, undermining the stability of the foundation. This is frequently the cause of potholes as well as a cracking pattern called alligatored asphalt. When the temperatures drop enough to allow the water to freeze, the effects become even more substantial.

Nearby trees can damage your pavement.

Many property owners believe that trees bordering a parking lot present no risk to nearby pavement. However, there are some trees that put out lateral roots just below the surface that can extend as far as two or three times the tree’s height and sometimes farther. Thus, if you have trees bordering your parking lot that are 20 feet tall, their roots could extend 40 to 60 feet from their trunks. Because lateral roots are often found mere inches below the ground, they can crack or lift your pavement as they grow.

Ice removal needs to be done carefully.

You naturally want to keep your property clear of ice to reduce your potential liabilities on your asphalt paving lot. However, pointed metal shovels, hoes and other sharp tools can gouge your pavement, and some chemical deicers can harm your sealcoating and/or your pavement.

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