How Property Managers Can Evaluate Needs for Asphalt Paving and Maintenance

Whether you enjoy compiling a budget or dread it, you may spend a significant amount of time during the fourth quarter on the task. Some of your expenses are probably fixed, with little variation from month to month or year to year. Others — such as asphalt paving and maintenance — can fluctuate wildly from one year to the next. Since asphalt pavement that is cared for properly can have its life extended dramatically, you want to ensure that you budget the funds to keep it in good repair. However, you may be wondering the best way to predict which services you will likely need over the next 12 months. Here is some advice on setting a budget for your asphalt pavement maintenance.

• Asphalt pavement that is over 10 years old may be due for renovation in the most heavily used areas. Inspect these areas carefully to decide whether they will need special attention within the next year.
• Sealcoating is one of the most powerful tools in an asphalt contractor‘s toolbox. It brings back asphalt’s color, but it also helps protect your pavement from damage. Most asphalt pavement needs to be sealed every two or three years, but your actual frequency could vary by a year. One of the easiest ways to tell if it is time to reapply sealcoating is to check the color of your pavement. If it is faded to a dull gray, you need sealcoating.
• If you have cracks or potholes in your pavement, you will need to have them repaired. Should water enter through them, it can damage the base upon which the pavement relies for strength. The base can become destabilized, requiring replacement of the pavement as well as base repairs.
• Asphalt pavement does not “play well” with the fluids used in automotive vehicles. These fluids can destroy your sealcoating, and when they reach your pavement, it will begin to break down. You might want to consider adding routine, periodic cleanings to remove these fluids.

At All Pro Asphalt, we have learned that every $2 you spend on maintaining your asphalt pavement can save you $4 to $8 in future repair costs. We are a full-service asphalt repair and maintenance company serving the greater Kansas City area. Whether you need sealcoating, infrared pothole repairs, crack filling or pavement markings, we can help. We offer quality results at affordable rates. If you would like to receive a free quote, submit our online form or call us at 816-249-6800.

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