I’m planning on paving my driveway; should I be concerned about drainage?

Yes, you should always consider drainage when paving your driveway.  Asphalt paving that is poorly drained can have a much shorter life, and standing pools of water on your drive will do little to enhance the curb appeal of your property. When contractors plan a new driveway, they consider a number of different things, including:

• Size of driveway — both length and width
• Potential for runoff from nearby terrain
• Landscaping around the driveway that needs to be protected
• Position of structures in relation to the driveway

After carefully evaluating all of the different elements specific to each site, contractors can employ a variety of techniques to make sure that a driveway will drain properly.

• Select the proper grade. A typical driveway needs to increase its elevation by a minimum of 1/4 inch for every 12 inches of the driveway’s length. It may also need to be graded to slope to one side by 1/4 inch or more for every foot of its width. Without the proper grade, the driveway will be plagued with puddles. With the right grade, the pavement can shed the water much faster.
• Install porous asphalt, if needed. Unlike traditional asphalt that keeps water on top of the pavement, porous asphalt lets water filter through the pavement. A special layer of substrate channels the water away and protects the pavement’s foundation from water erosion. Water drains into the surrounding soil, and not all types of soil are sufficient for the task. Porous asphalt is the more costly option to install, but under certain conditions, it can be less expensive in the long run.
• Consider special features. Trench drains, for example, are effective in problem areas, such as where a downhill driveway meets the garage. Curbs along the driveway can keep water flowing down the pavement and away from your lawn, or they can keep runoff from flowing onto the driveway from nearby surroundings.

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