Important Information On ADA Standards For Accessible Design

Like many laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act has been amended since it became effective in 1992. Some of the changes were the result of civil suits that led to expanding definitions or clarifying terms. However, the sections regarding parking lot design have been largely unchanged in the intervening years.

• At least one handicapped space must meet the guidelines for van parking. This space should be the one in closest proximity to the entrance to your building.
• All spaces reserved for handicapped parking, including the van-accessible spaces, must be 8 feet or more in width.
• All handicapped spaces are to provide access aisles on each side although adjacent handicapped spaces may share the aisle they have in common. Aisles should be no less than 8 feet in width for van parking and no less than 5 feet for all other handicapped parking spaces.
• Paths between handicapped spaces and the entrance to your building should follow a direct route along the shortest distance. These paths should not go behind parked vehicles. If a lane of traffic lies between your entrance and the space, a crosswalk must be provided.
• At minimum, every handicapped space must be identified with a sign affixed at the front of the space. The standard sign bears a symbol of a wheelchair against a field of blue. Pavement markings alone are not a substitute for signage. If the space is for van parking, a sign to that effect should be part of the ADA signage.
• The total parking spaces provided in the lot determines the minimum number of handicapped spaces required. To illustrate, a parking lot with 75 total spaces must provide three or more handicapped spaces; a lot with 200 total spaces needs six or more handicapped spaces; and a lot with 300 total spaces must provide seven or more handicapped spaces.

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