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At All Pro Asphalt, we have one goal: to put down a great product with outstanding workmanship. We offer a full range of services to aid you in conquering any of your pavement maintenance needs. By selecting All Pro Asphalt as your pavement maintenance expert, you not only get the industry’s leading products, you get a professional contractor dedicated to excellence and their customer’s satisfaction.

In an industry where sub-par materials allow contractors to undercut the competition, we pride ourselves on applying superior maintenance products properly to achieve the maximum performance for our customers.  All Pro Asphalt is a Kansas City, MO asphalt contractor and we pride ourselves on delivering a quality product at affordable prices. Whether you need sealcoatinginfrared asphalt repairs, crack filling, parking lot striping or any other asphalt maintenance service, our staff members have the experience to exceed your expectations. You can request a free quote by submitting our online form or calling 816-249-6800.


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