Pavement check up – Is it time for spring parking lot maintenance?

As we move rapidly through the spring months, it is important to consider the health of your asphalt pavement. Our Kansas City winters can be hard on pavement and without proper maintenance you can spend a lot of money fixing badly damaged asphalt.

As temperatures begin to warm, new asphalt pavement’s flexibility allows it to expand and contract. Once pavement begins to age, however, asphalt begins to lose its flexibility and becomes brittle. This is when cracking begins to be part of the normal life of pavement.

For this reason, it is critical that the parking lot owner or manager inspect the asphalt property on a regular basis to ensure serious defects are detected early on.

All Pro Asphalt are experts in parking lot maintenance in Kansas City and the surrounding area. If you see cracks or other serious defects contact us immediately for a cost effective routine maintenance call. 

If you haven’t inspected your parking lot recently, here are a few things you can look for:

Worn Asphalt Sealant – When the color of your existing asphalt sealant begins to fade or you can see the old pavement, it is time for another application of sealer. It is important that you protect your asphalt from the suns harsh UV rays to retain asphalts flexibility as long as possible. We recommend asphalt sealcoating to even brand new parking lots after they have cured for 90 days.

Fading Parking Lot Stripes – If your parking lot striping and pavement markings are beginning to fade, you may want to consider re-striping to keep a safe and attractive lot. Maintaining your parking lot lines and markings keeps risk of accident low and protects you against liability issues. Busy parking lots always present a certain amount of risk for pedestrians and vehicles, so now is the time for parking lot maintenance. We can also keep you compliant with current ADA regulations.

Cracks –  If you have existing cracks in your parking lot, you may notice those cracks getting larger. It is important those cracks be resealed to keep the water out. Asphalt crack repair is the best, most cost-effective parking lot maintenance technique to preserve the life of your asphalt investment.

Potholes – When cracks get out of hand and moisture begins to affect the layers beneath your pavement, they will eventually develop into potholes. Potholes are a serious pavement defect and should be taken care of at once to keep your properties visitors safe. Call us to perform a skin or full depth patch to address this serious parking lot maintenance problem. With our cutting-edge infrared technology, we can perform many asphalt repair services quickly and efficiently. Learn mora about infrared patch repair.

By taking 30 minutes to walk around your asphalt parking lot today, you can save thousands of dollars in the future. With a simple parking lot maintenance program you can increase your Kansas City businesses curb appeal, attract new customers and  increase your lots visibility and safety.

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