Property Management and Pothole Repair

A surprising number of business owners consider potholes as little more than a cosmetic flaw. Property management and pothole repair must be addressed. Potholes will reduce the life of your pavement substantially, but they potentially carry substantial liabilities as well. Potholes can damage cars and bikes, but they can also cause injuries to people. Many property management firms and municipalities have already discovered a personal injury suit resulting from a pothole in asphalt pavement can be an expensive proposition.

Why Property Management and Pothole Repair Makes Sense

Dangers Potholes Pose for Pedestrians

Pedestrians comprise the most numerous group to be injured by potholes. They sometimes wrench their ankles when they step into potholes, or they can fall, either from twisting their ankle or from stumbling at the edge of the pothole. If the injury is minor, they are not likely to call an attorney or even report the incident to property management. However, injuries can be much more severe, such as when they strike their head or break their hip.

Dangers Potholes Pose for Cyclists

Bicyclists may constitute the least numerous group, but they often suffer the most severe injuries when they ride into a pothole. Pothole-related injuries to cyclists have included broken vertebrae, arms and legs, closed-head trauma and facial injuries. Most injuries occur when the rider impacts the ground or another stationary object, but cyclists have also been thrown in front of passing cars and trucks.

Dangers Potholes Pose for Drivers

Encountering a pothole can cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle. The car can enter a lane of oncoming traffic, sideswipe a parked car, strike a tree, hit a cyclist or pedestrian, land in a ditch or even roll if the pothole causes a blowout. Thus, injuries can be minor or severe.

Mitigating Your Risks as a Property Manager

One of the best ways to protect yourself from lawsuits triggered by pothole accidents is to have the potholes repaired. Property management and pothole repair are a concern for all.  All Pro Asphalt is a complete asphalt-maintenance company serving the Kansas City metropolitan area. We repair potholes, asphalt repair, fill cracks, offer asphalt sealcoating, apply pavement markings and provide many other services. Our crews are committed to giving our customers the finest customer service and the best workmanship at affordable rates. Complete our online form to request a free job estimate, or give us a call at 816-249-6800.

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