Is Sealcoating in the Winter Possible

It seems to happen every year. As soon as the first freeze arrives or the first snowflake falls, asphalt contractors begin receiving calls from property owners who are worried about the damages that winter weather may cause to their asphalt pavement. One question that is commonly asked is, “Is it too late to have my pavement sealcoated for winter?”

Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to that question. In the Kansas City area, the cutoff date is typically sometime during November. In other parts of the country, sealcoating can be performed into January or even year-round. Sealcoating cannot respond to a calendar — what it responds to is the weather.

• First, there is the issue of temperature. Sealcoating is not engineered to be applied when air and ground temperatures are below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the minimum temperature for a successful application, and temperatures cannot drop below that point until the sealcoating is completely cured.
• Before starting a sealcoating job, contractors must make sure that the forecast does not include predictions of snow, rain or sleet. Until sealcoating has completely cured, any water — including dew — can ruin the sealant.
• Sealcoating needs several hours of sunlight to cure. During the winter months, there are fewer hours of sunlight, so one coat is usually all that can be applied in one day. The second coat will normally have to wait until the following day. If the skies are overcast or the area is in shade, the curing time can be extended dramatically.

Although it is true that sealcoating is an important part of protecting your asphalt pavement, it may not be possible to have sealcoating applied in winter. Instead, have cracks filled and potholes repaired to prevent further damage — and schedule a sealcoating application for the spring.

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