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Nestled amid gently rolling hills, Grandview lies approximately 16 miles from Kansas City. Although it is not the seat of Jackson County, Grandview is growing faster than any other town in the county. Fortunately, Grandview, MO has experienced numerous construction booms since its founding, so residents and business owners know what it takes to support rapid growth. When they need asphalt pavement installed or repaired, sealcoating, concrete installed or repaired, parking lot striping or infrared asphalt repairs, they know that they can rely on All Pro Asphalt for dependable, quality service.

Grandview, MO – The History

Grandview can trace its roots to a farming community known as Anderson District after the proprietor of the area’s only general store, John Anderson. One of the early settlers was a man named Solomon Young, a native of Kentucky who established a 600-acre farm in Grandview during the early 1860s. Young’s grandson lived at the farm from 1884 until 1890; he returned in 1906 and remained until he enlisted in the army in 1917. The grandson’s name was Harry S. Truman, the nation’s 33rd president. Therefore, Truman was living in Grandview when it received its first post office in 1889 and when it was incorporated in 1912.

The year that Grandview was incorporated was the same year that the town received a railroad terminal. The railroad brought an influx of businesses and new residents, and by 1920, the town had a population of 410 people, increasing to more than 700 by 1930. The population declined during the Great Depression, but World War II was to trigger another population boom. A military air base operated by the Army and then by the Air Force boosted Grandview’s economy until the base closed in 1994. Between 1950 and 1990, the population rose from 1,556 to 24,967, and the town experienced a decades-long construction boom. The closing of the base had little impact on the town’s population, which was estimated at almost 25,200 in 2016.

Paving in Grandview, MO

All Pro Asphalt provides paving-related services to a wide range of customers in Grandview, including homeowners, subdivisions, HOAs, retailers, health care centers, manufacturing facilities, religious institutions and schools. Here are some of the frequently requested services in Grandview.

Asphalt Paving Grandview, MO: All Pro Asphalt can install an asphalt overlay, replace an existing pavement or construct a new driveway, parking lot or street. Installation will be speedy as well as economical, but with proper maintenance, you should receive many years of life from your pavement investment.
Asphalt Crack Repair Grandview, MO: Cracks in asphalt pavement can drastically reduce the life of your pavement. Water that penetrates beneath the pavement can erode and destabilize the base, leading to costly repairs or premature failure.
Asphalt Sealcoating Grandview, MO: Sealcoating should be part of your preventive maintenance plan. Sealants protect asphalt pavement from the harmful effects of the sun, automotive fluids and oxidation. Sealcoating also returns faded asphalt pavement to the dark, rich color that it had when it was new.
Parking Lot Striping Grandview, MO: Fresh paint makes any parking lot more attractive, but it also serves to make things easier and safer for the people who use your lot.
Asphalt Repair and Infrared Asphalt Restoration Grandview, MO: Potholes, alligator cracking and large cracks may require removing the affected pavement and installing new asphalt. Infrared asphalt restoration offers an alternative repair method that provides a more aesthetic result that typically lasts longer than a traditional repair.
Concrete Grandview, MO: Whether you need to install a new ramp, repair a sidewalk or install ADA-compliant curb ramps, All Pro Asphalt can help.
Parking Lot Paving
Parking Lot Repair
Driveway Paving
Pavement Maintenance

All Pro Asphalt is an asphalt and sealcoating contractor servicing the city of Grandview, MO. We believe in delivering outstanding work at affordable prices. We have the expertise you need if you want long-lasting, attractive results. We offer an extensive range of services, including asphalt overlays and paving, asphalt and concrete repairs, infrared asphalt repair, concrete installation, parking lot striping and asphalt sealcoating. You can use the online form or call (816) 249-6800 to request a free quote on your next project.

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