Harrisonville, MO

Harrisonville, MO

Harrisonville is a vibrant, growing town that serves as the county seat of Cass County. When homeowners and businesses in Harrisonville, MO need concrete installations, asphalt sealcoating, concrete repairs, parking lot striping, asphalt repairs, asphalt crack repairs or infrared asphalt restoration, they know that they can count on All Pro Asphalt for superior results at reasonable rates.

Harrisonville, MO – The History

Drawn by the area’s numerous waterways and rich farmland, settlers from Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky began arriving in the early 1830s. In 1835, three commissioners were appointed by the Missouri General Assembly to establish a county seat in what was then known as Van Buren County. The new town was to be located no more than five miles from the center of the county. In 1836, the commissioners chose 160 acres for the site of the new town, and Harrisonville was officially founded the following year. The town’s name was chosen to honor one of Missouri’s first two representatives to the United States Congress, Albert Harrison. In 1849, the county’s name was changed to Cass in honor of a candidate in the 1848 presidential election.

In 1860, Harrisonville had 675 residents. During the Civil War, Cass County experienced great suffering, including the infamous order issued by a Union general that ordered the forced evacuation of Cass, Bates and Jackson counties as well as a portion of Vernon County. The intent was to prevent people in the area from providing support to Confederate guerrilla bands. Harrisonville was one of the few towns in the affected counties that was exempted from the order to evacuate. Nevertheless, the mass exodus from the county took a toll on the town’s economy.

By 1900, the population of Harrisonville had grown to 1,844. For many decades, the courthouse square had been the location of much of the town’s commercial activity. In February 1900, a fire broke out, destroying many of the buildings on the south side of the public square. The buildings were quickly rebuilt or repaired, and today, 34 buildings appear on the National Register of Historic Places as the Harrisonville Courthouse Square Historic District.

Although the growth was never explosive, the population of Harrisonville increased steadily from 1870 through 2010. The current estimates place the population at almost 11,000 people.

Paving in Harrisonville, MO

All Pro Asphalt offers our services to homeowners as well as apartment complexes, schools, retailers, office parks, churches, restaurants, hotels and other commercial property owners in Harrisonville. Frequently requested services are listed below.

Asphalt Crack Repair Harrisonville, MO: Cracks that go unrepaired can lead to serious consequences for your asphalt pavement. Water can enter through the cracks and destabilize the foundation that gives the pavement the strength and resiliency it needs to support traffic. This will typically result in extensive areas of damage that can be expensive to repair.
Asphalt Paving Harrisonville, MO: Replacing an old pavement or building a new one can be fast and economical when you choose asphalt. Some aging pavements can have their usefulness extended by having an asphalt overlay applied directly to the existing pavement.
Asphalt Sealcoating Harrisonville, MO: Although sealcoating can restore the color of faded asphalt pavement, it is an essential part of prolonging the pavement’s life. Sealants help protect from the ravages of UV rays, petroleum-based automotive fluids and other things that can shorten the life of your pavement.
Asphalt Repairs and Infrared Asphalt Restoration Harrisonville, MO: When alligator cracking, potholes or other areas of severe damage need to be repaired, the damaged pavement can be removed and new asphalt installed. However, in many cases, infrared technology can be employed to provide a strong, practically invisible repair.
Parking Lot Striping Harrisonville, MO: Parking lots differ in the type of traffic they receive, the layout that offers the best utilization of space and the elements they must address to ensure compliance with the ADA. When you need parking lot striping and pavement markings, be sure to choose a contractor with the proper experience.
Concrete Services Harrisonville, MO: Whether you need new concrete installed or existing concrete pavement repaired, All Pro Asphalt can help.
Parking Lot Paving
Parking Lot Repair
Driveway Paving
Pavement Maintenance

All Pro Asphalt is an asphalt and asphalt sealcoating contractor servicing Harrisonville, MO, and our goal is to exceed your expectations through superior craftsmanship, outstanding customer service and competitive rates. We install asphalt and concrete pavement, and we also offer asphalt crack repair, sealcoating, parking lot striping, infrared asphalt repair and concrete repair. For a free estimate, call (816) 249-6800 or complete the online request form.

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