What is the benefit of “additives” in sealer?

Several different manufacturers produce asphalt sealcoating mix in a variety of formulas. However, manufacturers tend to produce a range of utilitarian mixes, tailoring their recipes to suit the greatest range of basic requirements. Sometimes, though, the basic requirements are not enough to provide the highest quality of work. Factors such as temperature and traffic patterns may make the use of additives desirable on certain jobs. Here are the three most common reasons that asphalt contractors choose additives to enhance the performance of the sealcoating.

1. Certain additives can dramatically shorten the drying time of the sealcoating. Without additives, freshly sealcoated areas need to remain closed to vehicles for 12 to 24 hours; with additives, the closure can be as little as 4 hours. This can be an important consideration for property owners who need their areas reopened for customers or employees as quickly as possible. It can also be important to asphalt contractors who need to apply a second coat of sealcoating or pavement markings as both procedures require letting the initial coat of sealant dry first. If the area is heavily shaded, drying time for the sealant is extended, so contractors sometimes use additives to speed up the process on sites that do not receive much sun.
2. Other additives let contractors apply sealcoating when the temperatures are outside of the manufacturer’s specifications. Most manufacturers recommend that their sealants be applied when the air temperature is between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit; the ideal temperature for sealcoating is normally considered to be 70 degrees Fahrenheit. At temperatures below 50 degrees, sealcoating without additives can become so thick that it is difficult or impossible to achieve an even application and efficient drying. At temperatures above 90 degrees, sealcoating without additives can become so thin that it dries before it can be applied evenly. Additives allow contractors to perform sealcoating jobs under conditions that would be otherwise be unsuitable.
3. Some additives offer performance-enhancing benefits. Many customers want something a little different from their sealcoating. Some want to make their pavement look darker so that it appears newer. Others want to reduce the scuffmarks that can temporarily appear on freshly sealed areas. There are additives that can be used to provide these and other benefits.

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