All Pro Asphalt Makes Asphalt Paving Safe

Let’s talk about how All Pro Asphalt makes asphalt paving safe.  If you have ever passed an area where asphalt paving was being installed, you might have noticed some of the things that can pose potential hazards to workers. Perhaps you noticed the steam rising from the hopper and realized that the asphalt must be extremely hot. You might have noticed the heavy equipment, or the site might have been receiving a delivery of asphalt from the supplier. You may also have noted how closely vehicles were passing to the workers on the ground.

Why All Pro Asphalt Makes Asphalt Paving Safe

It is true that a paving site can be fraught with potential hazards. However, the risks can be dramatically reduced with proper training — and an employer who fosters an environment in which safety is taken very seriously. At All Pro Asphalt, we make sure that every member of our crew is well-trained in both the actual work and the ways to make the site safer. We hold regular safety meetings and conduct continuous safety training for the protection of our employees as well as others with whom they might encounter while on the job.

We Start with Personal Safety

1. While on the site, all workers are required to wear the designated protective gear.
2. We require all workers to be trained completely on each specific machine before they can operate the machine and on each task before they can perform that task.
3. We instruct employees on basic safety practices, such as not walking behind trucks while they are backing and staying clear of the hopper while asphalt is being loaded.
4. We require all employees to report unsafe situations immediately, and we require supervisors to halt work until the situation is corrected.

We Pay Special Attention to Equipment Operation

1. All equipment must have working emergency, service and parking brakes.
2. Equipment must undergo a safety inspection at the start of every shift.
3. If the operator must step away from his station, he must first idle down the machine and make sure that the parking brake is securely engaged.
4. Operators of paving machines must signal before moving the machine from a stopped position.
5. The speed of the paving machine must be coordinated with the speed of the ground crew.

We Employ Stringent Procedures for Controlling Traffic

1. If work is adjacent to or on a public thoroughfare, we attempt to schedule the work for hours with the lowest volume of traffic.
2. We require the placement of traffic warning signs, barricades, cones or other devices, and we require that these be lit if work is being performed at night.
3. If control devices are insufficient, such as when a two-way road must be reduced to one lane, we require the use of flagmen who are equipped with a two-way radio if they are outside hearing or visual range of the rest of the crew.
4. In areas that permit the practice, we ask for a law enforcement officer to park his vehicle at the start of the work area and to leave his red lights flashing. This tends to draw the attention of motorists and make them proceed more cautiously.

All Pro Asphalt offers asphalt paving, asphalt repairs and maintenance services to customers in the greater Kansas City area. We believe All Pro asphalt makes asphalt paving safe by delivering quality work at affordable rates and offering superior customer service. We work with both residential and commercial property owners who need sealcoating, pavement markings, infrared repairs or other pavement services. You can contact us for a free job quote by submitting our online form or calling 816-249-6800.

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