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Throughout the years All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance has established itself as Leavenworth KS’s most trusted and reputable residential and commercial asphalt paving experts. We have been professionally installing all types of pavement, repairing asphalt and concrete, as well as performing proven pavement maintenance services all over the Kansas City area for years.

Quality Asphalt Paving in Leavenworth KS

Why Choose All Pro Asphalt
At All Pro Asphalt we have one goal: to put down a great product with outstanding workmanship. We offer a full range of services to aid you in conquering any of your pavement maintenance needs. By selecting All Pro Asphalt as your pavement maintenance expert, you not only get the industry’s leading products, you get a professional contractor dedicated to excellence and their customer’s satisfaction.
  • All of our contractors are kept up to date with the necessary permits to act as asphalt paving contractors as required by law as well as protected with full coverage insurance.
  • As we strive to provide the best in customer service and the best outcomes for our clients, we offer a guaranteed satisfaction warranty for all paving work we provide.
  • Every paving job gets a personal touch from our company leaders so that our customers know we care and that we don’t tolerate any cutting of corners or subpar workmanship.

Explore Leavenworth KS

The county seat and largest city of Leavenworth County KS, Leavenworth is an important part of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. The city has a population of 37,351 people as of the 2020 census. It is situated on the west bank of the Missouri River and was the site of US Army Fort Leavenworth in 1827, which had a key role as a supply base in the settlement of the American West. Many settlers stopped through this area to buy supplies before traveling to their new homesteads all over the US.

If you’re looking for places to go, memorials and museums abound in Leavenworth! The C.W. Parker Carousel Museum puts on display carousels and other fun attractions from the history of the United States. The Buffalo Soldier Memorial Park is devoted to African-American soldiers who gave their lives for the country. The Fort Leavenworth Army Installation shows the progress of the fort throughout the years and how it affected war efforts through the history of this country. Whatever you’re into, Leavenworth is a big piece of history!

Pavement Maintenance Budgeting for Leavenworth KS Property Managers

For property managers, pavement asset management can be a challenge, especially when it comes to pavement maintenance budgeting. How much do you need to spend on maintaining your parking lot? When it it time to get maintenance? What kind of things does asphalt maintenance include, anyway?

The answer is to get a relationship with the most reputable local asphalt paving company in your area. In Leavenworth KS, All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance is the trusted pavement maintenance company, and we’re eager to help local property managers keep their parking lots and walkways safe and beautiful.

Asphalt Maintenance Tips for Budgeting

First, understand your goals.

It’s important to understand what you’re looking to get out of your pavement maintenance services, as situations call for different approaches, such as:

  • Decide whether you want to improve your property with new paved areas or just keep up your current pavement.
  • If you’re starting with aging pavement, you may need repairs like crack filling and asphalt resurfacing first.
  • Newer pavement needs maintenance that focuses on preserving and protecting asphalt.
  • All kinds of maintenance involve extending the life of your pavement.

Pavement inspections are key.

In order to keep up with the needs of your pavement, it’s important to look closely at it, performing your own visual inspections at least once a year. You should also get a professional opinion by scheduling regular pavement inspections from your local paving contractor, as they can spot potential problems before they develop.

Understand the cost factors of asphalt maintenance.

There are many things that can affect the cost of asphalt services, such as:

  • The size (square footage) of your pavement
  • The type of use your pavement is being put to
  • The weight of the vehicles using the pavement
  • The last time your pavement had repairs or sealcoating done
  • Any existing issues such as potholes or cracking

Know that asphalt maintenance is an investment.

The initial sticker shock for pavement work can be a little scary, but it’s important to remember that, just like with a vehicle, getting things fixed earlier means you spend less money. Temporary fixes can just cover up a problem, which will grow and become worse over time, leading to expensive full depth asphalt replacement.

All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance, Leavenworth KS Pavement Maintenance Experts

The best way to keep your pavement asset management costs down is with regular maintenance, and the best way to do that is with the help of the best asphalt paving company in your local area.

When it’s time for sealcoating, sweeping, or any other type of maintenance, contact All Pro Asphalt & Maintenance!

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