How Long Does Pavement Striping Take to Dry?

If you manage or own a business, you probably know that a fresh coat of sealant and new pavement striping can often be enough to turn a parking lot from an eyesore into an expanse that provides potential customers or guests with an attractive, welcoming sight. However, since your parking lot is essential to your operations, you know that you need to control the length of time that it will be out of commission. Therefore, you may be wondering how long it will take the pavement paint to dry sufficiently. The short answer is that the paint will probably be dry enough to allow vehicles to access the pavement in no more than an hour. The long answer is that the paint could require less time or slightly more time.

How Long Does Pavement Striping Take to Dry?

What Factors Affect the Drying of Pavement Paint?

No matter how urgently you need to reopen your parking lot, knowledgeable asphalt contractors know that you will be happier with the long-term results if you allow the striping service’s workers time to do the job properly and follow their advice on the drying time. Vehicles driving across wet markings will track the paint, and the paint that is removed by their tires can leave markings thin or patchy. There are several factors that the striping contractor will consider when determining the appropriate drying time.

• What is the temperature? Paint dries faster in warmer weather. Most pavement paints require a minimum temperature of 50 degrees for efficient drying.
• What is the relative humidity? When humidity levels are high, the air can become so saturated that the rate of evaporation is slowed, requiring more time for the paint to dry. In general, the higher the relative humidity, the warmer the temperature needs to be.
• Does the job include sealcoating the pavement? A responsible sealcoating contractor will make any necessary repairs and carefully clean the pavement before the sealant is applied. This can add a little time to the entire operation, but the main issue is that freshly sealed asphalt may need two coats of paint to achieve the proper visibility and durability. Depending on the size of the contractor’s crew, this may have little or no impact on the total time, but it never hurts to ask.
• What type of paint do you prefer? Most striping paints are either oil-based or water-based, but a number of variations exist within each broad category. There can be some differences in the drying times of different paints, but they are usually insignificant. However, some paints may require additional time for applying the paint or cleaning up after the job. Conversely, there are also paints that have much shorter drying times than the varieties that are commonly used.

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