What Are the Cost Factors for Asphalt Sealcoating?

When it comes to asphalt maintenance procedures, a professional sealcoating job can more than pay for itself. Sealcoating is a surprisingly affordable way to help avoid costly repairs, maximize the life of the pavement and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. Paving companies frequently receive calls from customers who want to know how much it will cost to apply sealcoating to their pavement, believing that the only information the contractor needs is the total square footage of the area to be sealed. Although it is not difficult to provide a price for the sealant, that is basically just the starting point; there are other cost factors that must be included to arrive at the total price for the job.

What Are the Cost Factors for Asphalt Sealcoating?  How Do Asphalt Contractors Calculate the Price of a Sealcoating Job?

There are numerous types of sealants on the market that are of different quality levels and are meant for different uses. Sealcoating contractors know how much it will cost to apply a square foot of each type of sealant. However, they must first determine which type is suitable for your pavement. The sealant must be suitable for the volume of traffic and the weight of the vehicles that will be using the pavement. Furthermore, multiple coats of sealant may be needed, especially in areas of concentrated traffic flow, including exits and drop-off lanes. Asphalt contractors must include the type of sealant and the number of coats when determining how much to charge for a sealcoating job.

When preparing a quote, paving companies must also ascertain the current condition of the pavement. Cracks and potholes will need to be repaired prior to sealcoating, so this expense will need to be included in the quote. Heavily oxidized pavement may require a primer, and this will also increase the cost of the job.

The layout of the site can be an important consideration as well. A flat, open expanse can be sealed with less difficulty than a site that will require numerous cut-ins or one that has multiple twists and turns. As a rule, the more handwork required for the job, the more it will cost; handwork increases the hours needed to complete the job.

Another important consideration is how many times the contractor must move his equipment and crew to the site. For example, it may be necessary to divide a massive parking lot into zones that can be completed and reopened before closing another area. This will typically require the contractor to transport his crew and equipment daily until work has been completed on the entire lot. Each mobilization can increase the cost of the job.

Sealcoating contractors must have all of the above information before they can determine what their labor, material and transportation expenses will be, and only then can they calculate what they must charge for the job. Therefore, when you start calling asphalt contractors for pricing information, keep in mind that you will only receive a very rough estimate until the contractor has assessed all potential cost factors.

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