Asphalt Maintenance Budget Tips | Property Management

Many property managers state that the task that creates the most stress for them is the creation of an accurate, reasonable budget. Some categories are easier than others when it comes to deciding how much money will be needed. For example, they usually have a good idea of what salaries, office supplies and utilities will cost, but they have trouble deciding how much to budget for the asphalt maintenance for their parking lot. If you are struggling to create a budget for taking care of your asphalt pavement, these tips may help.

Asphalt Maintenance Budget Tips | Property Management

What Is Involved in Creating a Budget for Asphalt Repair and Maintenance?

Property managers usually have three items on their list of what they want to accomplish when it comes to their asphalt pavements.

1. Obtain the longest life possible from the pavement.
2. Maintain its aesthetic appeal.
3. Ensure the safety of those who drive, park or walk on the pavement.

Before you can create a budget for your pavement needs, you must first determine its current condition. Every year, take a walking tour of your pavement and note your answers to a few questions.

• Is the pavement still a deep black color, or has it faded to an ugly brown or gray? Faded asphalt pavement can be restored with sealcoating, which will also help extend the life of the pavement by protecting it from water penetration, UV rays and automotive fluids. The interval at which you will need asphalt sealcoating depends on the use your pavement receives. However, most parking lots need to be sealed every two to three years.
• Are there any cracks that are wider than about a quarter-inch? Open cracks allow water to leak beneath the pavement and damage the foundation. Foundation damage leads to potholes and alligator cracking. It is advisable to have cracks repaired in the spring and again in the fall, but if you have to limit yourself to annual repairs, you should choose the fall.
• Did you find any potholes? Potholes will only grow deeper and wider if they are not repaired. It is far more cost-effective to repair a small pothole than it is to wait for it to expand. Furthermore, the longer you wait, the greater the chances are that water entering through the pothole will wreck the foundation. Like cracks, potholes can be repaired every six months, but spring is usually the best time for annual asphalt repair. For an attractive, durable remedy, look for an asphalt contractor who can make an infrared asphalt repair.
• Are the lines defining parking stalls crisp and highly visible? What about the crosswalks, traffic arrows and other pavement markings? Depending on traffic, the type of paint and other factors, you may need to have your parking lot repainted every two years. However, some properties need fresh paint every year, while others can go three or four years between striping and marking.
• Is your parking lot just a total mess and showing its age? By the time your pavement is 10 to 15 years old, it may need some serious rejuvenation. Paving companies can install an overlay if the foundation is still stable. Overlays are much less expensive than reconstructions, but an overlay looks and functions virtually the same as a new pavement.

All Pro Asphalt is an asphalt maintenance company and we can help you create a custom plan to ensure that your pavement receives the maintenance it needs for a long life. We are known for our outstanding workmanship, reasonable prices and superior customer service. Our services include parking lot striping and pavement marking, asphalt sealcoating, asphalt crack repair, infrared asphalt repairs, asphalt patching and asphalt paving. We also install and repair concrete. You can request a free quote by calling 816-249-6800 or submitting the online form.

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