Asphalt Maintenance Tips – How to Keep My Pavement Clean

When an asphalt paving company constructs a new parking lot or installs an overlay, it will normally advise the property owner to be diligent about maintaining the new pavement. Asphalt companies know that neglected pavements have shorter lives, but they also know that professional maintenance reduces the likelihood that the pavement will require expensive repairs. Part of an effective maintenance plan is a thorough cleaning of the pavement at regular intervals.

Asphalt Maintenance Tips – How to Keep My Pavement Clean

What Does Cleaning an Asphalt Pavement Entail?

Whether the pavement is a parking lot, sidewalk, jogging trail or city street, it will benefit from periodic cleanings. Many asphalt companies offer at least some of the services listed, but you or your employees may be able to perform a few of the tasks. Here are some important steps that an asphalt company will typically recommend.

• Maintain the integrity of your sealcoating. Sealants do not last forever, but the life you can expect from your sealcoating depends on the volume and weight of the traffic using your pavement. Therefore, an extremely busy parking lot or one that receives a high volume of truck traffic may need new sealcoating every year; one that handles an average volume of passenger vehicles only may not require new sealant for two or three years. Ask your asphalt paving company to recommend an appropriate sealcoating schedule for your pavement.
• Remove piles of grass clippings, fallen leaves, gravel, dirt or trash regularly. Moisture will collect beneath piles of debris and remain trapped. This moisture can seep through any cracks in the pavement and damage the foundation supporting your pavement. Many commercial property managers include professional sweeping as part of their budget for parking lot maintenance. For smaller pavements, a push broom, leaf blower or garden hose may suffice.
• Your paving company may also recommend that you inspect for drainage issues as part of your parking lot maintenance program. Clean the grates over any catch basins or drains. Make sure that gutters and drains do not become clogged with debris. If water cannot flow freely from your pavement, it can create puddles or work its way underneath the edges of the surrounding pavement.
• Transmission fluid, brake fluid, gasoline, oil and other automotive fluids can destroy the binder in asphalt pavement. The pavement becomes soft and highly vulnerable to additional damage. Sealcoating is not enough to prevent these fluids from reaching the pavement, but sealants do give you a little more time to remove these spills. Removal begins by sopping up any spills that are still liquid; baking soda is often an effective, eco-friendly option if it can be left in place for 12 to 24 hours. There are also asphalt cleansers and degreasers that you can use. Normally, you will need to apply the product and wait a few minutes before using a brush to scrub the area thoroughly. It may require more than one attempt to remove the stain.
• Be proactive about keeping your pavement clean. For example, place an adequate number of trash receptacles in your parking lot. Talk to your landscaping contractor about removing grass clippings or dead leaves. Inspect your pavement frequently to spot problems early. Encourage employees to report issues that you might have overlooked during your inspections.

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