Sealcoating – Why May Is Ideal for Sealcoating

Having sealant applied every few years is an extremely effective and economical way to ensure that you obtain the longest life possible for your asphalt pavement. Asphalt sealcoating blocks the harsh rays of the sun that can dry out asphalt pavement and fade its color. Sealants also help protect against the penetration of oil and other petroleum-based fluids that can soften the pavement. In addition, sealcoating will restore the lustrous color that your pavement displayed when it was new. However, many people who realize the benefits offered by sealcoating can be uncertain of the best time of year to have new sealant applied. If you are wondering when you should schedule your sealcoating job, May is the best month.

Sealcoating – Why May Is Ideal for Sealcoating

To understand why May is the best month for sealcoating, it may help to discuss the sealants themselves. The protection provided by sealcoating relies on a strong bond between the sealant and the pavement as well as the sealant’s ability to cure properly so that a hard shell forms on the surface. Sealants can be quite demanding when it comes to the wind speed, the humidity and the temperatures of the ground and air. All of these factors interact to affect the curing process.

On extremely hot days, the sealant may dry too quickly on the surface, slowing the drying of the lower layers. High winds can cause the same problem. If you combine high temperatures with strong winds, the problem is magnified.

However, if the temperature is too cool, the sealant will not dry as quickly as it should. High humidity levels and/or very light winds will also delay drying.

In the Kansas City area, May is the month in which all factors are the most favorable for sealcoating. In April, overnight temperatures often fall below the threshold for sealcoating. By June, the daytime highs can exceed the recommended maximum temperature for applying a sealant. In August and September, the humidity levels are typically higher than in May. By October, the risk of temperatures falling too low overnight increases. Furthermore, in the summer, grass clippings can be blown onto the wet sealant; in the autumn, fallen leaves may be blown onto the freshly sealed pavement.

Sunlight also plays a role in the curing of sealcoating. Ideally, sealants should be exposed to several hours of direct sunlight immediately after application. May offers extended hours of sunshine that are missing in April and October.

A final reason for scheduling your sealcoating in May has to do with the contractor’s schedule. Many schools and other companies that experience a low volume of traffic during the summer months postpone work until after May. Other customers want to delay work until the fall so that they can feel secure that their pavements will be properly prepared for winter’s onslaught. Therefore, you will probably have a better chance of finding a contractor who can perform your sealcoating on the date of your choosing.

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